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Multi-functional compass

Multi-functional compass

Product name : Multi-functional compass

Item : FRDGNZBZ-01

Details :

Material: ABS plastic
Color: army green
Specification:1.thermometer  2.hygrometer 3. LED light 4. reflect mirror 5.horizon mirror 6. compass 7.whistle 8. flint 9.magnifier  10. ruler
1. thermometer: measure the enviromental temperature
2. hygrometer: measure the enviromental relative humidity
3. LED light: iluminating ( the battery can be changed only picking out the magnifier ruler, unscrewing three screws)
4.reflect mirror : ask for help in the fiels by reflecting sunshine to give the photosignal
5.horizon mirror : measure the horizon degree
6.compass: measure the magnetic azimuth( with function of looking down, looking horizonal and reading)
7.whistle: voice help signal in the field
8.flint: fire in the field
9. magnifier: look for the coordinate in the map.
10. Ruler: measure the distance

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