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Breaking water gun

Breaking water gun

Product name : Breaking water gun

Item : FRPCSQ-01

Details :

Nowadays, the firemen often involve into the  difficulties such as the fire in the suspended ceiling. They can not judge where the fire source is, and they have to use the traditional tools to break large area of the ceiling. It wastes a lot of time to do these work and cause the bad result of fire expansion.
Method of use: connect it to the fire-engine with hose or fire tube, the pump supplys water. or connect it with fire hydrant with hose.
Application situation: It can get the ceiling interlayer to put out the fire with great effect in the serious fire of some solid staffs such as wooden articles, cotton fabric, paper. It can be used with breaking tools such as hammer to break into the security door, roller shutter door , car and plane. It is a kind of special fire fighting gun and compensate the disadvantage of ordinary ones.

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